Pet Insurance

Your Cat is Sick But Won't Tell You

Would you like to potentially save thousands of dollars in veterinary care? If yes, consider feline pet insurance.

My cat is sick

Cats have an odd way of telling their owners when they are sick or need veterinary care. Instead of using a direct approach which would say, “It hurts here”, or “I don’t feel well lately”, cats speak in their own language when they need the help of the veterinarian. This can often involve urinating outside their cat box because they are upset, getting close while making a howling meow until they vomit, or flat out having diarrhea without warning and then walking away. Sometimes Chloe may hide and eat less. To them it's all natural. To human owners, it can be yet another untimely, mess to clean up.

For this reason, having annual check ups and examinations at a cat hospital or clinic is always a good idea. Cats have an incredibly high tolerance for discomfort and pain, so they can look perfectly normal while suffering from a major internal disorder . Instead, their discomfort comes out in skin irritation, scratching, sneezing, eliminating anywhere they want, or wasting away.

A trip to the cat vet

Of course each visit has a cost to it. As animal hospitals become more technological and advanced, they require highly trained staff to provide the best updated care to people’s pets . Costs of caring for Tigger can add up quickly, especially if a problem is found that needs to be urgently addressed. In a lot of ways, the expenses associated with animal care are very similar in price to that of human care, so you can imagine how a serious issue can quickly escalate into hundreds or thousands of dollars. Understandably, now pet insurance in Las Vegas homes is quickly becoming a necessity as a financial safety net for the care of cats and other pets.

Why cat health insurance is good

With a good pet insurance policy, a cat owner could easily manage serious surgeries and treatments for a cat that would otherwise cost in the thousands of dollars out of pocket. Instead, the insurance policy acts as a buffer, addressing many of the costs a cat owner would need to pay. Yes, there is a maintenance cost. Many policies run between $25 to $45 a month per cat. Usually, you can choose the best yearly deductible for you.

Lessen your stress and fear

So the next time Fluffy starts talking in his own cat language that things aren't all happy and rosy, then it is time to get your cat to a feline veterinarian where medical help starts with an examination. Before that need occurs, having a pet insurance policy in place for him can be easily taken care of through a clinic's office or online with an insurer. The younger, the better. The best time to buy pet insurance is when your cat is young, before she has any pre-existing problems. Even though young is the best time, you should still have it in place at any age because those little bodies can have many issues during their lifetime. Cats can often live to be 16 to 20 years old. Do not let your cat suffer because of economics. Planning ahead makes pet medical care possible and available without stress.

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