Internal Medicine

Our cat hospital employs state-of-the-art diagnostics and years of skill and experience to locate and treat any internal disorders which may affect your cat’s health or quality of life.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine from Our Henderson Veterinarians

Here at A Cat Hospital, our Henderson veterinarians strive to provide the most comprehensive range of feline care services possible, including internal medicine. What is internal medicine? As you may have guessed, internal medicine is a broad field that applies to any dysfunction occurring inside your cat’s body, as opposed to external issues such as dermatitis or pest infestations. Our cat hospital employs state-of-the-art diagnostics and years of skill and experience to locate and treat any internal disorders which may affect your cat’s health or quality of life. Our internal medicine services include:

  • Laboratory Testing – Preventative lab testing of blood or fecal samples is a part of routine wellness care, but it can alert us to issues ranging from cancer or blood-borne diseases to serious parasitic infestations. If your cat shows symptoms of such a disorder, we will perform specific lab tests as indicated to diagnose the problem so treatment can begin.
  • XRays– In addition to other diagnostic testing, X-Rays provide a lot of vital information.  X-Rays allow us to see the cat’s internal organs from the heart and lungs, kidneys, intestines, bladder & spine so we don’t overlook possible issues preventing the cat’s return to optimal health.
  • Laser Surgery & Therapy – This allows for shorter surgery times, less tissue trauma, swelling, and post-operative pain. Use of the laser requires training, both in surgical technique and safety precautions, to make sure veterinarians and staff and your felines are protected from injury and are provided optimal care.
  • Endoscopy – An endoscope is an elongated instrument that can accommodate a camera and specialized surgical devices as needed. Endoscopy allows us to examine your cat’s throat, nasal passages, and upper or lower digestive tract in detail. We can also use endoscopic surgical tools to take biopsy samples, extract foreign objects or perform internal surgical procedures without cutting through the skin.
  • Internal Disease Treatment – Cats are prone to certain kinds of internal diseases, notably kidney failure and other kinds of renal disease. Senior cats are also vulnerable to congestive heart failure and related cardiac issues. Our Henderson veterinarians can perform specific diagnostic tests to check for these diseases, from echocardiograms to digital X-rays. If your cat is suffering an internal organ failure, we will prescribe the appropriate medications, diet, and lifestyle changes to optimize and stabilize his condition. We can also treat common diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and systemic infections.
  • Surgery – Internal medicine includes surgery on an animal’s internal structures. This may be necessary to mend fractures, remove tumors, repair damaged organs, or remove internal blockages such as stones or swallowed objects. We can also perform orthopedic surgery to restore function to diseased or injured weight-bearing joints.
  • Pain Management – Cats can be stubborn about hiding their pain, but if your cat is clearly experiencing discomfort, bring him to A Cat Hospital. We can diagnose the underlying cause of the pain and go over your options for pain management strategies. These may include any combination of orthopedic surgery or weight loss (to relieve joint pain), anti-inflammatory medications, dietary changes or supplements, and other medications.

Internal Care for Henderson and Las Vegas Cats

The smartest approach to any kind of veterinary medicine emphasizes preventative wellness care. We’re proud to serve as a trusted resource for Henderson and Las Vegas feline care, from routine examinations to even the most complex internal medicine issues. Contact A Cat Hospital today to learn more about our services and schedule an initial appointment.