About A Cat Hospital

A Cat Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in Henderson, NV, serving the surrounding area.

Our Mission

We strive to the best of our ability to have a friendly and caring environment in which we create an atmosphere of trust between our staff and clients.

About Us

A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas is exactly what it sounds like. Our veterinary care center is just for cats. Our veterinarians, Dr. Trish Auge’, Dr. Heather Zanzow, and Dr. Samantha Stewart, are specially trained to care for our feline patients. When Dr. Auge decided to settle in Las Vegas and open A Cat Hospital in Henderson, she wanted to provide a wellness center for cats only so that they wouldn’t experience the stress sometimes seen in cats when they’re in a clinic with dogs and other animals. Our veterinarians are dedicated to providing a full range of exceptional medical services.