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Cat Wellness Exam

Awareness of the importance of cat wellness exams is key to ensuring your feline friend’s optimal health.

Cat Wellness Exam

Cats are adorable and lovable creatures that bring joy to their owners. They require regular checkups with the veterinarian to stay healthy and maintain a good quality of life. Awareness of the importance of cat wellness exams is key to ensuring your feline friend’s optimal health. At A Cat Hospital in Henderson, Las Vegas, we perform annual wellness exams for cats. Let’s explore why cats need to have routine examinations and what you should expect during the visit.

What Happens During a Cat Wellness Exam?
Your cat will receive a complete physical examination from head to tail during a wellness exam. Their eyes, ears, nose, and throat will be examined inside and out while their heart rate and breathing patterns are evaluated. The veterinarian will also check your cat’s body condition score to ensure they have a healthy weight range for their breed and age. The fur coat evaluation includes checking for fleas or other parasites that may irritate, such as mites or ticks. Bloodwork may be taken to identify any underlying issues that would not otherwise be noticed during the physical exam alone. Vaccinations can also be given if needed.

How Often Do Cats Need Wellness Exams?
There’s no definitive answer, as it depends on your cat’s age and overall health. However, during kittenhood, you should bring your cat in monthly for an exam. Adult cats with no health issues can have a yearly wellness exam. Older cats should have wellness exams twice per year. Remember, pets age faster than humans, and a calendar year is roughly seven years in a cat’s life.

Preparing for Your Cat’s Wellness Exam
Your cat will be under exceptional vet care when you visit our office, but you can make the process more seamless by preparing ahead of time. Some things to prepare are the foods your cat eats and any supplements they take, and we may ask you to bring samples of urine or fecal matter. Also, get a carrier for your cat, especially for kittens.

Contact A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas for a Cat Wellness Exam
At our Las Vegas cat hospital, our experienced veterinarians are available to provide comprehensive check-ups for your feline friend. Make sure to schedule your cat’s exam as part of their overall health regimen. Contact us today if you need a Las Vegas veterinarian for your cat’s wellness exam.