Cat Anxiety

We offer treatment for cats and only cats, including cat anxiety treatment.

Cat Anxiety

At A Cat Hospital, we offer treatment for anxiety treatment for the cats of Henderson, NV, and Las Vegas, NV. As a trusted veterinarian, you understand that cats are not immune to anxiety. Their sensitive nature can sometimes leave them overwhelmed and distressed. That’s why it’s crucial to offer a comprehensive solution to help these beloved companions find solace. Introducing our specialized program designed to address cat anxiety, where we prioritize their emotional well-being as much as their physical health.

Signs of Cat Anxiety
Your cat can’t tell you they are anxious with words, but they can let you know they have anxiety through their actions.

Some signs include excessive grooming, vocalization, and overreacting to stimuli. Your cat might also have decreased appetite, so if you suspect your cat is having anxiety, see if they are eating regularly. 

Can a Vet Diagnose Cat Anxiety?
Yes. If your cat is experiencing anxiety, particularly moderate or severe anxiety, you may want to visit our veterinary hospital for confirmation.

Most often, our veterinarians will begin with a physical exam to determine if there’s a physical cause for their anxiety, like pain or an injury. Then they will discuss your cat’s behavior and lifestyle to get a complete picture of what could be causing any anxiety.

Treatment for Cat Anxiety
Once our vet has diagnosed your cat with anxiety, they can help you create a treatment plan. This might involve avoiding or reducing the cause of their anxiety, behavior modification, or even anxiety medication if necessary.

Helping Your Cat Manage Anxiety
One way to help your cat overcome anxiety is to reduce or remove any anxiety triggers. To do this, you’ll need to understand what triggers your cat’s anxiety. For example, they may fear strange people or unfamiliar places. In this case, keeping your cat at home and avoiding company for a while can help them settle down.

Cat Anxiety Medication
There are a few types of anxiety medication that can be beneficial for cats. These medications might reduce anxiety by changing the chemistry of your cat’s brain.

It may be effective to use cat medication around or before a stressful event is coming up. One common example of this is if you are traveling with your cat, and they tend to get stressed during trips.

Get Cat Anxiety Treatment with Us at A Cat Hospital
At A Cat Hospital, we offer veterinary services in Henderson, NV, and Las Vegas, NV, for cats and ONLY cats. Because we specialize in felines, we can help provide the best care for your cat. If your kitty is experiencing anxiety or simply needs routine veterinary care, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call us at (702) 454-4400 for more information from a veterinarian on our veterinary team.