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Like any other pet, cats need personal and professional tender loving care to keep them happy and healthy over the years. If you live in Henderson, Las Vegas, or one of the surrounding communities, you should bring your cat to A Cat Hospital for quality veterinary care. At A Cat Hospital, we share your concern for the health and welfare of your feline companion and our staff will make sure he or she gets excellent treatment in our care.


Who We Are

A Cat Hospital is proud to be the first veterinary hospital in Nevada that is dedicated solely to the care of cats. Our facility is run by Dr. Trish Auge, Dr. Heather Zamzow, and Dr. Anna Daffara. Our licensed veterinarians have years of experience in the feline care field. When you bring your cat to us, you will benefit from our cat care knowledge, skill, and expertise.

We maintain a comfortable, soothing clinical environment to help your cat feel at home in our care. We treat all manner of feline health conditions and will care for your cat from kitten through its senior years. You can have full confidence that your cat will receive the best of care from our veterinary staff.

What We Do

A Cat Hospital is your one-stop location for the care of your cat. We provide a wide range of cat care services to help keep your pet in excellent health. These services range from wellness exams to vaccinations, parasite control, dental exams, dental cleanings, and surgeries. For certain procedures, we utilize laser surgery which minimizes pain and promotes faster healing.

We recommend that your cat has an annual wellness exam to allow us to monitor his health. One of our veterinarians will thoroughly inspect your cat to see if he shows any signs of sickness or disease. If your cat is due for vaccinations, we will administer his booster shots as well. 

Wellness exams allow our team to catch health issues early on before they escalate into major health problems that require extensive care. As your cat ages, we will test him for medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and hyperthyroidism, which are common ailments of elderly cats. Our facility is fully equipped to provide onsite diagnostics which include digital x-rays, lab work, and ultrasounds for a prompt and accurate diagnosis.

Additional Services

For your convenience, our clinic also offers grooming and cat boarding services. We offer top of the line cat care and grooming products which include medications, cat foods, shampoos, conditioners, and grooming brushes to keep your cat looking and feeling his best.

See Our Las Vegas Veterinarians for Quality Cat Care

For quality cat care services that you can trust, call A Cat Hospital today at (702) 514-0949. If you are a cat owner in Henderson, Las Vegas, and the surrounding area, schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. We can’t wait to meet you and your furry feline friend!

A Cat Hospital, we treat your cats like the valued family members they are.

Call us at (702) 514-0949.

Dr. Trish Auge, Dr. Heather Zamzow and Dr. Anna Daffara 

Meet Our Veterinarians

  • Dr.
    Trish Auge
    Veterinarian & Owner

    Dr. Trish is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota. She had always wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a small girl. Her original goal was to be a 'doggy doctor' but that was modified by observing that cats showed more stress around dogs in the veterinary hospitals.

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  • Dr.
    Heather Zamzow,

    Dr. Heather Goldsboro, now Dr. Zamzow, grew up in sunny California and loved the sunshine. When it came time for college, her family was moving to a much cooler climate, Boston. She decided to attend college at Boston University where she earned her bachelor's degree.

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  • Dr.
    Anna Daffara

    Dr. Anna Daffara is originally from a small city outside Indianapolis, Indiana. Before her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Daffara volunteered with several organizations including The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, Honolulu Zoo and a Feral Cat TNR (trap-neuter-release) program. 

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Read What Our Clients Say

    Bring your Lil kitty here, i don't even live close but i only come here. I've been a customer for about 5 years now and never once had a complaint, they are very caring people. And they def. Work with you, great place... Thank you.

    Andrea Hawkins

    Do yourself a favor and start taking your kitty to A Cat Hospital. I don't have kids, so some call me the "crazy cat lady". I take pride in that name, because my cat has been my baby. I absolutely feel that Iris and I got the best care possible. The entire staff was very compassionate to our needs and treated my cat just like it was their own baby. Dr. Lesley Zamora is who I was lucky enough to build a relationship with. She's simply the best!!! I wish I had been to this place sooner.

    Google User

    really like how they the rooms are catered for cats. Each doctor I've met are very good with cats. I strongly recommend that people bring their cats here!

    Abdi Habdas

    You guys are amazing!! Such a night and day experience from our last vet. Our older kitty came home from surgery on Saturday afternoon and was already purring and back to her normal self by Sunday morning. I'm amazed! The last time she had this surgery it was months before we got her back on her feet. I can't thank you all enough. The staff is amazingly sweet and caring, and the whole feel of the practice is wonderful. The rooms are ideal for cats, with the cat trees and no metal tables. I'm never going anywhere else, you've spoiled me!

    Lori Penny Sudowe

    Was introduced to this place from a former friend. needless to say between my cats and fostering of others I LOVE THIS PLACE. they are the most concerned vets and staff and since they specialize in cats it gives me great comfort knowing when I bring my kittehs here they are receiving tlc by knowledgeable and well trained people. i recommend all my friends to this place all the time and take all my cats here because there is no other like it in Las Vegas period.

    Sky Miller Calhoun

    I found this cat vet place when I first moved to Vegas back in 1999. This clinic has taken care and boarded Stinky. The best clinic for our pet cats.

    Chuck Keehne Jr

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