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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can help your cat by reducing pain and helping with inflammation.

Feline Laser Therapy For Pain


Keeping a cat healthy and active requires the right tools and treatments. A Henderson veterinarian at A Cat Hospital provides the treatments your pet needs to address underlying concerns and encourage long-term health. In some cases, we may recommend laser therapy as a treatment for your cat.

Basics of Laser Therapy
Laser therapy refers to a type of non-invasive treatment using lasers to address specific health concerns. It may also be called infrared treatment when using a cold laser for musculoskeletal conditions or concerns.

The treatment focuses on addressing specific problems without using surgical solutions or harsh medications. It may help with certain injuries or discomforts your cat faces at different times of life. Generally, we use the treatment to complement other solutions for specific health concerns.

When to Consider the Treatment
Considering a laser therapy solution for your cat ultimately depends on the situation and your needs. Generally, it helps with certain forms of pain and inflammatory responses. Common situations that may benefit from the treatment include:

  • Arthritis in older cats
  • Muscle injuries from an accident
  • Signs of joint pain in your cat
  • Inflammatory responses on the skin, such as allergies or a rash
  • Internal complications, like an infection of the urinary tract or related concerns

Generally, we recommend laser therapy when your pet shows signs of specific health concerns. We do not use the treatment for severe injuries or health concerns since it may not help in certain situations. We focus on helping your cat with physical pain and discomfort to improve your pet’s mood and wellness. It may be used with other treatments, or we may recommend laser therapy as the primary treatment for certain forms of inflammation or musculoskeletal pain.

Seeking Solutions from a Henderson Veterinarian
When you notice oddities in your cat’s behavior, a Henderson veterinarian may provide the solutions you need to help your pet recover and heal. We evaluate the needs of your cat and then recommend a treatment strategy based on their situation and health. We may recommend a variety of tools to improve your pet’s health and address pain, but the specific solutions we use for your pet may vary.

Our focus is the health of the cat. By focusing on the needs of your cat at every stage of life, we help encourage your pet to remain active at different stages of life, and we even help older cats remain energetic and in good health as they age. We recommend seeking treatment after an accident or when your cat shows signs of pain. You should also consider preventative treatments for health concerns as your cat ages to prevent complications with age-related conditions like arthritis or general joint pain.

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Keeping your pets healthy throughout their life requires the right tools. In some cases, laser therapy reduces pain and helps with inflammation. To learn more about treatments for your cat or to set up an appointment with a Henderson veterinarian at A Cat Hospital, call (702)-454-4400 today.