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Cat Dentistry

We provide comprehensive dental services to cats who need them.

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Cat Dentistry


It is critical for every cat owner to take care of his or her cat’s health. While this means going to the vet for an annual exam, it also means taking care of a cat’s oral health. Like people, cats rely on their teeth. However, unlike people, cats cannot brush their teeth themselves. At A Cat Hospital, we are here to talk about common dental problems that a cat might develop in Las Vegas and Henderson. We are also here to discuss how a veterinarian can help someone keep their cat’s teeth safe.

Common Dental Problems in Cats
When someone comes to see us with their cats, there are a few common dental problems we might diagnose. Some of the most common dental problems we see in cats include:

Bad Breath: Often, bad breath is a result of an infection that might have developed in a cat’s mouth. This might also be due to something the cat ate.

Abscess: Sometimes, we also see cats that have developed abscesses in their mouths. The abscesses tend to develop along the gum line, underneath the teeth. We can remove these as well.

Extractions: Sometimes, we also need to perform an extraction. An extraction is needed if a tooth has decayed to the point that it cannot be fixed. An extraction is only one of the many ways that a veterinarian in Henderson or Las Vegas can help.

How a Veterinary Doctor Can Help a Cat’s Oral Health
When someone takes their cat to see a veterinarian, there are a few ways that we can help. First, we are here to educate pet owners on various foods and toys they can provide to their cats to take care of their teeth. We can also fix acute issues if they are present. This might include oral medications, procedures, or other operations. Trust us to help you.

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At A Cat Hospital, we have worked hard to make sure that we can provide comprehensive dental services to cats who need them. We specialize in cats because we know how much people love them and care about their cats. In addition to dental problems, we also treat a variety of other acute conditions and provide preventative care services. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your cat, please call us today at (702)-454-4400 to make an appointment. We would be happy to help your cat with his or her health needs.