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Senior Cat Care

We are here to support your feline friend throughout their life from the beginning through their golden years.

Senior Cat Care

House cats can live well into their teens and even into their 20s in human years. You can help your cat achieve their full potential with excellent veterinary care. Our veterinarians at A Cat Hospital serve Henderson and Las Vegas with quality senior cat care.

Wellness Exams
When your pet becomes a senior, you may notice certain changes in their behavior. Your veterinarian may notice these things as well, which is why we may recommend bringing your pet in for more frequent wellness exams as they age.

During these wellness exams, the veterinarian may recommend a full blood screening as well as a urinary test and a fecal test. The information from these tests provides the veterinarian with a better picture of your cat’s overall health.

An early diagnosis of conditions like thyroid imbalance, diabetes, and liver disease can make a huge difference in your pet’s prognosis. Early diagnosis could save your cat’s life by providing more treatment options to prevent conditions from becoming worse.

Dietary Management
Dietary counseling is a beneficial resource for pet owners who want to help their pets maintain a healthy weight. Your cat can face significant health risks if they gain just one pound. This is why the veterinarian may recommend different foods for seniors, as they are often easier to digest. We may also recommend that you provide your pet with supplements to help fill in certain gaps in your pet’s diet.

Dental Cleanings
Dental cleanings are also part of a healthy senior cat care plan. Plaque and tartar buildup in senior pets can be dangerous not only for your pet’s gums and teeth but also for your pet’s overall health. Gum disease can spread a bacterial infection to your cat’s internal organs. Cleanings can help prevent this from happening.

Before your pet undergoes a dental cleaning, they need to be cleared for the procedure. Our veterinarians will make sure that your pet is safe to undergo anesthesia and dental cleaning. Your cat may require dental extractions to prevent further infections.

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