Cat Microchipping

Our veterinarian will conduct a full examination of your cat before it is able to be microchipped.

Cat Microchipping

If you are a cat owner, caring for your feline so it remains safe and healthy is likely to be one of your main concerns. One action that many people take to help protect their cats is the procedure of microchipping. If you are interested in learning more about this process and you live in the Las Vegas or Henderson area, contact A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas to meet with our veterinary team. Here is some general information about microchipping a cat to look over so you know what to expect when you see our veterinarian.

Your Cat Will Be Assessed Before The Procedure

Our veterinarian will conduct a full examination of your cat before it is able to be microchipped. This will ensure your pet is able to withstand the procedure without incident. If a medical difficulty is recognized, our vet will treat it as needed and reschedule the microchipping procedure for a future date. If your pet does not have any medical ailments, the microchipping process can be performed during the same appointment.

Your Pertinent Information Is Gathered
When a cat is microchipped, a small chip is embedded within its skin. A special scanning device is used to determine whether they have a chip in place. This device will read information stored on the chip so the pet is reunited with its owner. Our vet will ask you to provide your name, address, and phone number so if your cat is lost and found by someone with a device; you can be contacted quickly.

The Chip Is Inserted Into The Skin
After your information is uploaded into a database and the chip is prepared with identifying information, it is placed underneath several layers of your cat’s skin. This is done via a thin needle. Our vet will insert the chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. This is the best spot for an implant as it cannot be accessed by the cat’s mouth or claws. Your pet will only feel some minor discomfort when the needle is inserted into the skin. The location where the implant rests may be a bit tender for a day or two, but your cat will quickly get used to its presence, and the insertion spot will heal fast. If your cat becomes lost, is found, and is brought to a vet or humane society, the information is read with a scanner so you can be alerted of its whereabouts.

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