Cat Dentistry

We provide a range of cat dental services to help clean your cat’s teeth and improve your cat’s quality of life.

Cat Dentistry


Cat dentistry is an important service that can improve the quality of life for cats everywhere; for the cats of Henderson, NV, A Cat Hospital strives to educate cat owners of the community about the importance of this critical type of care. Knowing how to identify the symptoms of poor dental health in cats and how to get your cat the care he or she needs will help ensure that your cat’s teeth and gums will be healthy.

Identify the Signs of Poor Dental Health in Cats
If your cat has poor dental health, the following symptoms will help you determine if there is a problem:

  • Foul breath. Cats should not have bad breath…period. Extreme bad breath (you can even smell it a few feet away!) is a sign that your cat has dental disease and needs to be checked.
  • Discolored gums and teeth. If your cat has dental disease, he or she will have brown spots on the gums and around the teeth.
  • Loose or missing teeth. When your cat’s dental health gets very poor, you’ll notice that your cat may have loose, missing, or cracked teeth.
  • Reluctance to eat. An unwillingness to eat or a reluctance to eat much is an indication that your cat finds eating to be painful or uncomfortable in some way. This can point to a problem with gums, teeth, or both.

We Provide a Range of Cat Dental Services
At A Cat Hospital in Henderson, NV, we provide a range of cat dental services to help clean your cat’s teeth and improve your cat’s quality of life. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Examinations. We will examine your pet’s teeth to look for signs of gum disease, cavities, infection, and more.
  • Teeth cleaning. We clean the teeth of cats that need it.
  • Medications. If your cat is in pain or has a serious gum or tooth problem, we’ll provide medication to ensure that your pet is comfortable and on the way to recovery.
  • Dental Diets. We provide nutritional counseling for cats to help them eat the right foods to maintain strong, healthy teeth.
  • Anesthesia. We will use anesthesia to keep your cat comfortable during his or her examination. In addition to the fact that anesthesia can make your cat’s dental appointment less painful, anesthesia also helps keep your pet calm and the veterinarian safe.
  • Extractions. We perform extractions of teeth that are infected, loose, or unable to be saved. This can help ensure your cat’s comfort.
  • Cavity filling. We fill cavities for cats much in the same way that your dentist might fill a human cavity.

Contact A Cat Hospital for Cat Dentistry Services
If you are looking for Henderson or Las Vegas veterinarians to examine and clean your cat’s teeth, contact A Cat Hospital at (702)-454-4400. We are proud to be a cat veterinarian for the people of the community.