Cat Pain Management

A Cat Hospital is a veterinary clinic for cats, located in Henderson. We serve all of Las Vegas. We know that all you want for your cat is to live a long, quality life. That is why we specialize in cat pain management. Our veterinarian staff, Dr. Trish Auge, Dr. Heather Zamzow, Dr. Anna Daffara and our internist, Dr. Kate Perkins, are trained and experienced in caring for kittens and cats. Focusing on only felines, allows our office to be more relaxing and calming for our patients as well as making sure that we are able to provide the best-specialized care for your feline pet. Since most cats do not feel comfortable around other animals, particularly dogs, an all cat office helps to alleviate some of the stress of a vet visit.


Signs of Pain in Cats

It is often difficult to know if your feline is in pain. They do not tend to cry out or limp when they are hurting. Some symptoms of pain are:

  • Hiding: This one can be hard because cats traditionally like to hide anyway. But if your usually social cat starts hiding, pain is most likely involved.
  • Refusing to eat: Just like people, a change in appetite usually predicts some kind of illness or pain.
  • Excessive or discontinuation of licking and grooming
  • Hunching over, closed eyes, droopy whiskers
  • Hissing, scratching or biting: If your feline pet is usually very loving and suddenly becomes aggressive, there is usually pain or sickness at fault.

What Exactly Is Cat Pain Management?

Once one of our veterinarians determines that your cat is in pain and its source, we will know more about the best course of action. Some tests may be necessary to pinpoint the problem before moving forward. Some things you or the veterinarian may do to help your cat be more comfortable include: 

  • Wrap your cat in towels or anti-anxiety clothing to help with calming during vet visits or while administering medication or treatments.
  • Cat parents need to learn how to properly hold their cat, especially if the cat is in pain. If arthritis is the diagnosis, avoid grabbing your cat by their scruff as this can cause more pain.
  • Our vet offers a few effective pain medications from which we can choose.
  • Opioids are not an option due to the concern of drug abuse in humans.
  • Laser therapy is another modality that is available.
  • Careful use of specialized safe-heat heating pads can help your kitty feel better.

Finding A Feline Only Veterinarian in Henderson

A Cat Hospital serves Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. Our veterinary clinic team is loving and compassionate, ready to take care of your feline pet. We want to be your veterinarian of choice! Call us today at 702-514-0949 to schedule an appointment.


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