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  • How Do Cats Communicate With Each Other?
    Do Cats Communicate?  If you are a cat owner, you may have contemplated the means of communication your pet displays when it comes into contact with another feline. Knowing this is Read more
  • How Do Cats Tell Us They Are In Pain?
    Why Pain Management in Cats is Critical But Often OverlookedPain in animals can be overlooked because they usually hide the symptoms. This is adaptive in a wild animal who might Read more
  • How to Care for Kittens
    How to Care for KittensIt is a popular opinion that kittens are adorable, and it is not uncommon for someone to want to bring one or two home. While having Read more
  • Cat Boarding at A Cat Hospital
    Cat Boarding at A Cat Hospital in HendersonGoing away from home can be stressful, especially when you have a cat. Cats need regular attention from their caregivers, so out of Read more
  • Pet Laser Therapy with Our Henderson Veterinarian
    Our Henderson Veterinarian Team Offers Pet Laser TherapyAt A Cat Hospital of Las Vegas and Henderson NV, we're continually looking for ways to advance our practice and our service to Read more
  • Henderson Cat Veterinarian Recommends Cat Health Insurance
    Henderson Cat Veterinarian Recommends Cat Health InsuranceAt A Cat Hospital, our Henderson cat veterinarians specialize in cat health and preventative care. We try to keep our rates as affordable as Read more
  • Kitten Adoption Tips
    Kitten Adoption Tips from Your Henderson Cat VeterinarianAre you planning to adopt a new kitten? Your Henderson cat veterinarian at A Cat Hospital (Dr. Auge, Dr. McAllister or Dr. Zamzow) can help. Here are Read more
  • Intestinal Issue Causes
    Top Causes of Intestinal Issues in CatsHere at A Cat Hospital, we specialize in the treatment and care of your feline companion, and we're here to help determine the cause Read more
  • Adopt a Cat This Season
    Adopt a Cat This Season: Las Vegas Veterinarian TipsThinking about adopting a cat or kitten? Our Henderson veterinarian has some tips to share!1. Adopt a PairWhy adopt just one? Many Read more
  • How to Choose a Veterinarian in Henderson and Las Vegas
    How to Choose a Veterinarian in Henderson and Las VegasChoosing a veterinarian can be difficult! At A Cat Hospital in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, we want all the Read more
  • Cat Allergies in Las Vegas: Diagnosis & Treatment
    Cat Allergies in Las Vegas: Diagnosis & TreatmentCats can develop allergies just like people. Knowing when your cat has allergies and what you can do about it can help you Read more
  • My Cat Has Bad Breath
    My Cat Has Bad BreathBad breath in cats can be a sign of poor dental health. Understanding the underlying cause of bad breath and how to correct it can help Read more
  • Making the Most of Your Visit with Our Las Vegas Cat Veterinarian
    Making the Most of Your Visit with Our Las Vegas Cat VeterinariansWhether your cats need to see a veterinarians for a checkup or for a health issue, it is important Read more
  • Cat Food Recommendations
    Cat Food RecommendationsOur cats are beloved members of our family. As such, we want to do everything in our power to keep them healthy and happy—and help them live a Read more
  • Tips for Driving With Your Cat in Las Vegas
    Tips for Driving With Your Cat in Las VegasDriving with your cat can be safe and relaxing, or dangerous and stressful. At A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we Read more
  • The "Medical Scoop" About Cat Poop
    The "Medical Scoop" About Cat PoopWhen cleaning up the litter box, you can't help but get a good long peek at your kitty's bowel movements. Sometimes, you might see something in that cat Read more

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