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How to Safely Walk Your Cat With a Leash

How to Safely Walk Your Cat with a Leash

Cats are very difficult pets, in the best way of course. They can be hard to deal with, they can be difficult to exercise, and they can get a bit out of control if you do not help them to use up their energy. Walking your cat may seem crazy, but it can do wonders.

Walking Your Cat Safely

The first thing to consider when you are thinking about walking your cat on a leash is the environment. You do not want to take a skittish cat out into a busy neighborhood where there are tons of cars and dogs and other things that may scare them. You want to find an area that is calm, quiet and free of distractions as much as possible. The next thing to consider is the cat itself. A very young cat for instance is going to be far less likely to be easy to walk than an older cat that might be a bit more mellow.

Gear for Walking Your Cat

It is also important to find the right walking gear to get your cat out and into the world. For those that want to walk their cat, you may want to get some advice from your veterinarian or veterinary professional to see what harness and leash you may need. For those in the Las Vegas or Henderson area, A Cat Hospital is a great option.

Since cats are so wily and since they do not have the same bone structure as a dog, you cannot walk a cat with just a leash and a collar. It is not even advised that you walk a dog with only a collar and a leash as a harness is going to be far less stressful and damaging. With a cat you have to have a harness as they will pull against a collar and hurt themselves and they may even slip their collar and escape. You need to find a harness that is the right size for your car so that they are safe and secure during your walk. With cats, it is always going to be best to take small steps. Start out by taking your car for a walk around the yard before you take longer trips and be sure to take things slow.

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