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Las Vegas Cat Surgery at A Cat Hospital

A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas understands that you may be nervous about cat surgery for your pet. Since 1986, our animal hospital has done such a good job of taking care of the surgical needs of the Las Vegas cat population that our cat care team has become affectionately known as the “Cat Whis-purr-ers.” We carry this understanding of the feline personality into all aspects of our work, especially when it comes to cat surgery.

Las Vegas Cat Surgery provided at A Cat HospitalOur Las Vegas cat veterinarian performs surgery when it is necessary to improve the quality of life for your cat. One of the most common procedures we perform at our cat clinic is spay and neuter surgery. Many cat owners choose to have spay and neuter surgery performed on their cat at an early age to help reduce the risk of several types of cancer, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and to curb certain behaviors. Some cat owners also opt for a declawing surgery, which can help prevent allergic reactions and protect household items. Additionally, declawing surgery allows more cats to find good homes with owners who are assured that cats will not damage furniture.

If any unusual growths are observed during a routine cat wellness exam, we may recommend a lump or tumor removal and biopsy. Recent advances in surgical technology are also increasing the number of orthopedic surgeries we perform, especially in the area of senior cat care. Because we help more cats live longer, our senior cat care services now include Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repairs and hip replacement surgeries, which may be needed depending on your cat’s breed and medical background. Of course, we are available during normal business hours to perform emergency surgery should your cat become suddenly ill or be seriously injured in an accident.

Our Las Vegas Animal Hospital Surgical Procedures

Everything we do at A Cat Hospital is designed with the comfort of your cat in mind, but our awareness of your cat’s needs is crucially important when it comes to a cat surgery. We always speak in a calm and soothing tone to lessen any anxiety your cat may be experiencing. To assist in the surgical process we perform several diagnostic tests right here in our vet hospital. This may include lab tests, digital x-rays or ultrasound exams. Before the surgery, our cat veterinarian will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have.

During the surgery, we constantly monitor your cat’s vital signs and provide anesthesia or pain management as needed. When appropriate, we use laser surgery to reduce bleeding and swelling, which reduces pain. After the surgery, your cat can quietly recuperate in our cat clinic under the watchful eye of our cat care team. Cats are handled gently before, during and after the procedure in accordance with our scruff-free policy, to minimize pain and prevent stress.

If your cat needs any type of surgery call our cat professionals at A Cat Hospital at 702-514-0949. We’re proud to be a "Scruff-Free Hospital".


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