Importance of Microchipping Your Cat

by | May 4, 2023

Did you know that 12% to 18% of cats are more likely to go missing at least once within a five-year period? Sadly, most of the time, these lost cats are not returned to their owners. If you have a feline and want to give it the best chance to be reunited with you in the case that it does get lost, then consider microchipping. Microchipping is an essential veterinary service that our veterinarians at A Cat Hospital in Henderson, near Las Vegas, highly recommend to pet owners. Here is why.

Explaining Microchipping

The small chip that helps increase the odds of reuniting your lost cat is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted like a vaccine shot. This chip carries a vital number that can be looked up in a national database if a vet or animal shelter personnel scans the microchip. In this database, your contact information is stored, making it possible to reach out to you once your lost cat is found.

The reason we encourage microchipping is that it has many benefits, such as:

  • A Permanent Solution: Collars and nametags typically break, fall off, or wear off. A microchip is a permanent solution that can last the lifetime of your furry cat.
  • Proves Your Cat is Yours: The microchip, as well as the registration process, is proof that your cat belongs to you. This comes in handy when someone claims that your cat is theirs.
  • Increases the Likelihood of Returning: Cats sometimes want to wander. If someone found your cat and took it to an animal hospital or shelter, a quick scan is all it takes to look for the chip and search your contact information on the database. This is rather significant because if your cat did not have the chip, it becomes that much harder to know if it belongs to you.

Contact Our Cat Hospital

If your cat is a wanderer and you want to make sure you can be reunited with it should it get lost, microchipping can help. Contact A Cat Hospital in Henderson, near Las Vegas, NV, today to book an appointment for your feline member of the family. Our number is (702)-454-4400.