How Cats can Contribute to Health and Well-Being

by | May 4, 2023

At A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas, we offer veterinary care for our clients’ feline friends to ensure they are happy and healthy. Did you know that having a cat can contribute to your own health and well-being?

How Cats Contribute to Well-Being

Although we see how our clients’ pets benefit their lives every day, you don’t have to take our word for it! Studies have found that cats, who are often stereotyped as aloof, may be more likely to recognize and react to their owner’s mood than other pets. Have you ever noticed that your cat seems cuddlier when you’re sick or sad? Lying on your chest and purring is one specific way that cats respond to owners.

Asking pet owners whether cats contribute to their health paints a clear picture. People who spend time with cats and kittens feel calmer and less stressed according to one U.K. survey where researchers did just that! So, you’re not alone if you feel more relaxed after petting your cat and hearing and feeling it purr. It’s not a bad idea to seek out comfort from your furry friend if you’re having a bad day. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why cat cafes have become so popular in recent years.

Some of the benefits of having a cat in your home are less obvious. For example, research by MNT found that babies that grew up with furry companions were less likely to develop allergies or become obese.

None of this takes into account the smiles and laughter a cat’s behavior can inspire, even if we’re just watching funny cat videos online.

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