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Las Vegas Cat Clinic Services

Cat Surgery and Cat Vaccinations in Las VegasAs a cats-only veterinary facility, A Cat Hospital designs all our services with the comfort and health of your cat in mind. Whether you bring your feline friend to our cat clinic for cat care, cat surgery, cat vaccinations or cat boarding, you can rest assured knowing your valued family member is in cat-friendly hands. Our Las Vegas cat veterinarian and all of our professional staff members are cat lovers and cat whis-purr-ers. We are familiar with issues associated with particular cat breeds and cat specific diseases, and have the instruments and medications best suited to support our feline health.

Wellness Care and Cat Vaccinations

We look forward to seeing all of our cat patients on a regular basis at our Las Vegas cat clinic for routine wellness care appointments and cat vaccinations. At a wellness appointment we check your cat for early signs of any illness and thoroughly inspect your cat's teeth, eyes, ears, hair and skin. When it comes to cat vaccinations our cat veterinarian reviews your cat's health history and discusses any lifestyle factors with you. Then we set up an individualized schedule for cat vaccinations that may include protection against rabies, feline distemper, feline herpes, rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, chlamydia, and feline leukemia.

Vaccinations, Cat Surgery, and Cat Boarding Services
Vaccinations, Cat surgery, Cat boardingWhile nobody likes to think of their cat becoming sick, sometimes there is a need for cat surgery to restore health, prevent pain, or repair an injury. If you do bring your cat to our Las Vegas animal hospital for cat surgery you will see that we try to remove as much of the anxiety from the process as possible. We have digital x-ray services, lab facilities and ultrasound right on-site so you won't have to take your cat from one location to another for the diagnostic process. During the surgery we use lasers to reduce bleeding and inflammation so that your cat heals faster with less pain. Your cat can quietly recuperate in our clinic without the anxiety of seeing or hearing dogs in the same facility.
One surgery we do recommend for all non-breeding cats is spay and neuter. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies spay and neuter surgery has benefits that lead to your cat living a longer and healthier life as it reduces the possibility of certain types of cancer. You will also see that your cat is more responsive to you and less likely to exhibit unwanted behaviors.
Cat boarding is another of our feline-friendly services. If you've often thought how traumatic it would be to have your cat stay in a kennel with several barking dogs, then you will be happy to learn about the comfort of our Kitty Hotel. You may think you are just boarding your cat, but we are making sure your cat is cuddled and comfortable while it is staying with us. Turn to us for all of your cat services because A Cat Hospital is a scruff-free hospital.

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