Meet Our Veterinarians

  • Dr.
    Trish Auge
    Veterinarian & Owner

    Dr. Trish is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota. She had always wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a small girl. Her original goal was to be a 'doggy doctor' but that was modified by observing that cats showed more stress around dogs in the veterinary hospitals. Just as pediatricians can cater to children, Dr. Trish felt a hospital just for cats would cater to cats' special needs by offering a quiet, more gentle approach to cats and their owners. She attended the University of Minnesota, and then moved to Oklahoma where she received her B.S. in zoology and then graduated from Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. Dr. Trish went on to work in Albany, New York and St. Paul, Minnesota before coming to Las Vegas in 1985 to settle down. In keeping with her goal of giving a more comfortable environment and gentle care to cats, she created the first cats only veterinary hospital in Nevada. She also raised a son and a daughter, plus some furry critters. She has been providing specialized cutting-edge medical care for the cats of Southern Nevada ever since.

  • Dr.
    Heather Zamzow,

    Dr. Heather Goldsboro, now Dr. Zamzow, grew up in sunny California and loved the sunshine. When it came time for college, her family was moving to a much cooler climate, Boston. She decided to attend college at Boston University where she earned her bachelor's degree. Her desire to be a veterinarian blossomed. She then attended Tuskegee University, in keeping with the tradition of her dad and uncle, who are also veterinarians. In 1999, Dr. Heather graduated veterinary school with her DVM. Shortly afterward, she moved to Las Vegas. Dr. Heather worked at a small animal hospital for a year before taking a position at A Cat Hospital where she has worked since 2001. Dr. Heather is a very skilled doctor and surgeon and is dedicated to giving all of the kitties the best medical care possible. Sometimes she is a bit shy and quiet, but the love she gives to the cats is inspiring and heartwarming. She eventually married a wonderful man and they have a young son they are joyously raising. They share their home with 3 cats, Steelo, Brutus, and Biscuit.


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