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  • Declaw Pros and Cons
    Declaw Pros and ConsHelping Cats Enjoy Happier LivesCat declawing is more invasive than a simple nail removal, so it is common for there to be anxiousness about the procedure among Read more
  • Overweight Cats Face Health Risks
    Overweight Cats Face Health RisksFat Cat in Las Vegas? Protect Your Pet’s Health!A fat cat is not a healthy cat! Here are some of the problems that may develop for Read more
  • Top 3 Human Foods that are Dangerous for Cats
    Top 3 Human Foods that are Dangerous for CatsSome of your favorite foods may be dangerous – or even deadly – to you cat. The best way to protect your Read more
  • Services We Offer at Our Cat Hospital
    Services We Offer at Our Cat HospitalWe want cat owners to view our cat hospital as a place that their pet is in good hands. We take pride in the Read more
  • Welcome To A Cat Hospital's Debut Blog!
    Welcome to the debut blog for our Las Vegas cat hospital! We are so proud to serve Las Vegas, Henderson, and all the surrounding areas as the go-to resource for Read more
  • No Scruff About It
    A Scruff-Free Cat HospitalA Cat Hospital has been in the business of taking care of cats, and only cats, since 1986. Our Las Vegas clinic was the first cats-only veterinary Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Spay or Neuter
    Cat Surgery Conrols Population and Behaviorand Improves Cat HealthIn addition to controlling the overpopulation of cats, spay and neuter cat surgery offers many advantages for cats and their owners. A Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Indoor Cat
    Cat Vaccinations Matter -- Indoors or OutIf your Las Vegas cat spends all of his time indoors, you may be wondering why he needs to be vaccinated at all. Can Read more
  • Why Your Cat Needs Dental Care
    3 Reasons Why Las Vegas Cat Dentistry MattersBy the age of two years, your cat may already be showing the signs of periodontal disease, an oral health problem characterized by Read more
  • Join Our Las Vegas Cat Hospital on Facebook!
    Join Our Las Vegas Cat Hospital on Facebook! A Cat Hospital is now on Facebook – and our Las Vegas veterinary care team would love for you to join us! Cat Read more
  • The Smart Boarding Choice for Las Vegas and Henderson Cats
    The Smart Boarding Choice for Las Vegas and Henderson CatsYou may already recognize that a veterinary boarding facility can offer much closer health monitoring and higher quality of care than Read more

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