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Declaw Pros and Cons

Declaw Pros and Cons

Helping Cats Enjoy Happier Lives

Cat declawing is more invasive than a simple nail removal, so it is common for there to be anxiousness about the procedure among cat owners. However, here at A Cat Hospital, our love for felines is second to none, and the consideration for both pros and cons should be taken into account before making a decision. Declawing can improve a cat's home life and his relationship with the humans in the home -- and in some cases it might even make the difference between having a home and being relegated to a shelter.

Under general anesthesia, declawing involves removal of only the claw part which the cat keeps retracted above the toes. The pad is the same, the sensation is the same, walking, jumping, and climbing are unaffected. The cat will use the hind claws to climb and maintains good grip ability with the front feet. Following the procedure, it is possible that a cat may experience post-operative issues such as pain or infection at the wound site. There is always a chance for infection after practically any kind of external surgery, and if they occur, we can treat them. Contrary to popular belief, however, declawing does not lead to arthritis in the foot bones or affect a cat's ability to use a litterbox. We will do everything possible to make the procedure and the recovery as comfortable for your cat as possible.

The idea that declawed cats always exhibit drastic behavioral changes that cause owners to give them up to shelters is also untrue. In fact, the opposite is more likely; declawed cats cannot destroy furniture or injure their humans, and therefore the human-cat relationship may actually improve. After declawing, cats still love to run, claw at the furniture without damaging it, and have loads of fun interacting with the other pets and humans in the household.

You Make the Choice About Declawing

The decision to declaw is left up to the pet owner and whether declawing makes sense for your cat and your home. If you feel that declawing will allow you to keep your beloved pet while protecting your property from harm, then feel free to schedule an appointment at our clinic. We want only the best for your cat!

Have you owned cats that seriously damaged your possessions with their claws? Tell us your stories!

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