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Cat Boarding FAQs

Cat Boarding FAQs

A Cat Hospital is an animal hospital exclusively for cats. If you live in Henderson, Las Vegas, or the surrounding areas and need cat boarding services, A Cat Hospital will make your furry friend feel at home. We offer clean, comfortable accommodations for cats under the direction of expert veterinary professionals.

What are the benefits of professional cat boarding? 

If you're spending more than two days away from home, cat boarding is the best option. Left home alone, your cat or kitten may experience high levels of stress and defecate outside his litter box, yowl, scratch your furniture, vomit, and spray. Hiring a pet sitter may not be enough to ease his distress and prevent destruction to your belongings. If your cat or kitten has special needs, asking an unexperienced pet owner to administer his medication is high risk.

Whether you're traveling for work or for pleasure, the last thing you need is to worry about your pet's well-being. A Cat Hospital is run by veterinarians who specialize in treating cats. We provide hygienic accommodations to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. We also recognize that even well-adjusted cats can struggle in an unusual environment, which is why only board our guests in spacious, noise-controlled kennels.

Do you board cats who take insulin or other medication? 

We keep a complete health record for cats boarded at A Cat Hospital. This allows us to provide specialized veterinary care to cats and kittens with special needs. If your cat takes insulin or regular medication, an experienced member of our staff will gently supply treatment.

How do I prepare my pet for cat housing? 

A Cat Hospital provides food, water, and toys during your cat’s stay. We select food and treats that are suitable for sensitive digestive systems. However, if your cat only eats a specific type of food, you should put together a kennel kit. Packing a favorite toy or blanket may also help acclimate your pet to cat housing.

How often will staff members check on my cat? 

Throughout the day, we check on your cat's litter box, bedding, and food to maintain sanitary cat housing. Veterinarians are consulted if staff members notice changes in your cat's behavior or appetite.

Q: Is there a veterinarian on-call for emergencies? 

We prioritize the safety of every cat in our Henderson-based facility. A veterinary professional is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week if your cat is in distress. Additionally, a member of our staff will contact you immediately in the event of an emergency.

Board with a cats-only hospital for quality cat and kitten care 

If you are a cat owner traveling out of Henderson or Las Vegas, we invite you to make a reservation for your cat with A Cat Hospital. Give us a call at 702-514-0949 or contact us with any questions you might have about boarding your cat. We look forward to caring for your furry friend and ensuring your travels run smoothly.

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