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Frequently Asked Questions About Vaccines

If you have a cat in the Henderson area, visit our team at A Cat Hospital for routine exams, veterinary emergencies, and vaccinations. We serve our community with quality veterinary services, and we truly care about each of our furry feline friends. If you have a new cat it may be time to start your pet’s vaccination schedule. We have gathered some common questions about cat and kitten vaccines to learn more about the important role they play in your cat’s life.

Common Vaccination Questions

  • When should my cat or kitten receive their first vaccination? A kitten can receive its first vaccination at six weeks old and will continue a vaccination schedule every four weeks until the early vaccines are complete. This will give your pet a foundation for health and vitality from the start.
  • Why do vaccinations matter to house pets? Some people feel that their pet may not need vaccinations because the animal never leaves the confines and safety of their home. This does reduce some of the risks but also vaccinating your pet will protect the animal if it ventures outside. Certain vaccinations do not have to do with the outdoors or other risks.
  • How often do they need boosters? After the first set of vaccinations, the kitten will receive boosters until four months. A rabies vaccination is recommended after one year, and occasional boosters are recommended throughout the years.

Vaccinations for Cats in Las Vegas, NV

Contact our team at A Cat Hospital if it is time for your cat's routine exam and vaccinations. We serve the Las Vegas and Henderson areas with quality veterinary care for cats and kittens. Call our veterinarians today at 702-514-0949 to schedule an appointment.

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