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How to Properly Groom Your Cat

A Cat Hospital Discusses How To Properly Groom Your Cat

A few basic grooming measures will ensure that your feline companion stays in good condition and will alert you to any problems that may need veterinary treatment. At A Cat Hospital in Henderson, NV, we provide all aspects of veterinary care for felines.

Skin & Coat Care

Although cats groom themselves, they can still benefit from an occasional bath to remove dirt or whatever mess they may have gotten into. Place a rubber mat on the bottom of the washing tub and place cotton balls in the cat’s ears. Use a shampoo formulated for felines. Wet the cat’s fur and gently massage in the shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. For daily care, cats enjoy a thorough brushing, which helps to remove dirt and other debris from their coats and makes them more comfortable.

Ear Care

To prevent ear problems, place a few drops of ear cleaner in the ear canal and gently massage it in. Wipe with a cotton ball or piece of gauze. Examine the ears for any redness, swelling or odor.

Nail Care

You should clip your cat’s nails every two or three weeks. At a time when the cat is relaxed, hold him or her on your lap and gently press the paw until the nails extend. Use appropriate clippers to remove just the white part of the ends of the nail.

Dental Care

Brushing your cat’s teeth with a cotton swab or small, soft toothbrush will remove tartar and bacteria that can lead to decay and gum disease. Use only toothpaste that is formulated for felines. If you get your cat used to having their teeth brushed at an early age, this task will become just part of the routine. If you notice bad breath or loose or broken teeth, consult with your veterinarian.

Make A Cat Hospital Your Veterinarian in Henderson and the Las Vegas Area

The veterinarians at A Cat Hospital provide quality care for all their patients in Henderson, NV and other communities in the Las Vegas area. We offer many veterinary services for felines, including exams, vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, preventative care, urgent care and dental care. Contact A Cat Hospital today at 702-514-0949 for an appointment to learn about the best ways to care for your pet’s health.

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