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Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Cat

Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Cat

Once of the important decisions you will have to make as a pet owner is whether to spay & neuter your pet. Your veterinarian at A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas and Henderson will be able to perform the procedure.

What Is Spaying and Neutering?

Spaying removes the uterus and ovaries of your female cat and can give lifelong health benefits. Neutering removes the testicles of your male cat and helps improve your pet's behavior.


Both neutering and spaying come with several benefits.

Spaying helps your female cat live a healthier and longer life since it can help prevent breast cancer and uterine infections. Your female cat also will not go into heat and won’t urinate as frequently.

Neutered cats will be less likely to get testicular cancer and will be much better behaved. A neutered cat will then focus attention on the family instead of marking his territory.

One myth about spaying or neutering your cat is that it makes them gain weight. Your cat will remain trim and fit if you monitor food intake and provide exercise. When you spay & neuter your pet, it is cost effective and you will not have to end up caring for a whole litter of kittens. You also are doing your part for the community. Stray animals can be a problem for society as a whole and can cause car accidents, frighten children, or prey on the natural wildlife. You are doing your part to help fight pet overpopulation, so pets will not be euthanized.

When to Get the Procedure Done

The earlier you can get your pet spayed or neutered, the better. New recommendations support this by five months of age. Early or pediatric spay & neuter is done at six to eight weeks while a standard procedure is done at around five or six months. It is best to do this before the female starts to go into heat. Aggression problems for male cats can be avoided if neutering is done earlier. Speak with your veterinarian about when it is best for your cat.

Contact A Cat Hospital, serving Las Vegas and Henderson, to get your cat spayed or neutered.

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