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How to Properly Groom Your Cat

How to Properly Groom Your Cat

Yes, your cats do groom themselves. However, sometimes they need a little help, and some may also benefit from personal pampering. If you notice a problem with your furry companions not grooming themselves, it's essential to bring them to see a veterinarian. At A Cat Hospital in Henderson, near Las Vegas, our vets specialize in caring for the feline species and are available to answer your questions, examine your pets, and treat them when necessary.

Brushing Your Cat

Some parts of grooming your pets can be enjoyable for both the pet and the owner. A five to ten-minute brushing session can help remove excess fur, reduce shedding, and improve their skin and coat health. It also enables you to check for fleas, ticks, wounds, and unusual bumps, which are a sign that you need to schedule an immediate veterinarian appointment. Keep in mind that long and short-haired cats have different grooming needs. For example, medium-to-long haired cats should be combed more often, sometimes several times a week to prevent tangles and remove dirt and debris they may have trouble getting out themselves. If they do develop knots in their fur, it may be better to take them to a professional groomer and work to keep up with the brushing after.

Cats and Ear Care

Cleaning your pets’ ears is also a great way to check for injuries, ear mites, and signs of infection. If you see swelling, redness, or discharge, contact your local veterinary hospital for an appointment. To clean the ears, take a pet-approved cleansing solution, put a little bit on a cotton swab, fold back the ear flap, and gently wipe away dirt, debris, and ear wax until the ear is a light, translucent, pink color again. Repeat on the other side.

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