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About Your Las Vegas Cat Hospital

Las Vegas Cat HospitalAt A Cat Hospital our name says it all. We are a Las Vegas animal hospital that only treats cats. In 1986 husband and wife veterinarians Dr. Trish Auge and Dr. David Drake decided to open the very first cats only animal hospital in Nevada. Since then we've built a practice that is focused only on what we can do to keep your cat happy and healthy. We think cats are just purr-fect, and we are all cat lovers who know how to soothingly touch and talk to a cat who may be anxious about visiting a veterinarian.
The highest priority at our Las Vegas animal hospital is preventive care for our feline companions. We want to keep your cat from becoming sick in the first place. Our veterinarian will review your cat's medical history, discuss lifestyle factors with you, and make recommendations about which cat vaccinations will be needed for your cat. A spay and neuter cat surgery can prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as certain diseases. We even provide human cat companions with lots of cat care tips and information you can use to take care of your feline friend at home.
We also place a heavy emphasis on well cat care. We encourage all cat owners to bring their pet to our cat clinic for regular wellness checks so our veterinarian can assess your cat's weight and health, update any necessary cat vaccinations and check for any signs of fleas, ticks, or heartworms. We also recommend a regular cat dental check-up to help keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy.

Diagnostic and Treatment Services at Our Animal Hospital

Las Vegas Animal Hospital offering Cat Surgery and Cat VaccinationsIf your cat becomes ill, we have state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities to help us determine an accurate diagnosis and necessary treatment plan. You won't have to take your cat from one location to another because our Las Vegas cat veterinarian has digital x-ray services, lab facilities and an ultrasound right here in our office. Should cat surgery ever be required we use lasers whenever possible to minimize pain and speed the healing process. Your cat can recuperate right here in our cat clinic under the watchful eye of our professional cat care team.
Our other services are also cat friendly so your cat won't have to face the anxiety of being in the same location as dogs or other animals. When you bring your cats to us for grooming we bathe them with a cat-friendly shampoo and are experienced in providing a comfortable feline grooming session. Our grooming team also looks for insects or skin conditions that might need a doctor's attention. For cat boarding, you can be assured they're resting comfortably in our Kitty Hotel. We also offer a full line of cat care products right here in our office for your convenience.
We know that cats are part of your family and that's why we treat them that way. Make an appointment to see us today at A Cat Hospital by calling 702-514-0949.


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